Valeria Soave

Official Italian language exams

The international and institutional Italian language exams are CILS (University of Siena), CELI (University of Perugia), CERT.IT (University of Rome 3) and PLIDA (Dante Alighieri Institute).

The parts that usually require the most preparation time are those of oral and written production: we will learn how to write different types of texts and how to introduce the structures of the level to which you are applying. Also, how to improve fluency, limit errors and not go blank in the oral part.

We will also see techniques to complete oral and written comprehension (listening and reading) and language proficiency (grammar) exercises the best way in the shortest time . The work is highly personalized and depends on each person’s characteristics, aptitudes and learning style.

University exams

For those who are preparing exams in Italian language, literature and culture in Italian or other countries’ universities, I offer university-level preparation in terms of text writing, translation, literary translation, Italian literature, oral presentations and advanced metalinguistic competence.

Citizenship exams

In the exams to obtain Italian nationality, the work is similar to that of the official exams, but it is not only about language.

The required level is B1, in the case of  ‘CILS cittadinanza’ the exam is shorter than the standard B1 and does not have a grammar part. However, the candidate must also  know and compare cultural aspects of his/her home country and Italy (e.g., food, language, weddings or school).

Other Italian language exams

In the case of other certifications, like in Italian language schools or for high school Italian teachers and educators, with at least one example of an exam we can easily reconstruct the framework of skills required and how to prepare for it.

Theory test for driving license in Italy

The license can be very important for a foreign person’s mobility and quality of life in Italy. However, although you might have an advanced knowledge of Italian, the theory test is quite hard to handle, since both the contents and the (tricky) questions are written in a very difficult Italian, quite far from the everyday language. At the moment it is possible to take the exam in French or German, but not in other languages. In my lessons, we will try to organize the study of both the content and the questions according to the student’s level of Italian and through various resources (books, youtube tutorials, tests, lists of key words and recurring sentences) and a wide range of  methodologies.

High school exams and tests in Italian public schools (Italian L2)

These lessons are directed to foreign students in the Italian educational system and are aimed at understanding the specific language and content of the different school subjects, as well as how to develop learning abilities and to understand what the Italian school system and teachers require from students in order to move forward without failing.